Continuing Medical Education CME
Continuing Professional Development

Welcome to HAAD CME/CPD program. Continuous education and professional development of health professionals are a top priority for building the future and ensuring reliable health care for our community. The CME/CPD section offers a superior learning environment with an excellent range of activities according to the approved international standards and best practices.
Since 2005 till December 2009 we offered approximately 1290 program. Over 44,000 healthcare professionals from the emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE enrolled in these programs.

ISO 22000: A Tool to Enhance Food Safety in Hospitals
Start Date: May 27 2016 9:00AM - End Date: May 28 2016 5:00PM
Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition Therapy
Start Date: Jun 3 2016 9:00AM - End Date: Jun 4 2016 5:00PM
Metabolic Syndrome
Start Date: Jun 6 2016 9:00PM - End Date: Jun 6 2016 10:00PM