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Abu Dhabi Emirate is one of the largest employers of health professionals in the Middle East with more than 15,500 doctors, nurses and other clinical staff and Administration employer in the public sector and 11500 in the private sector.

About the UAE:

The United Arab Emirates is classified as one of the fastest growing as developing countries in the world. It is comprised of seven Emirates under one flag with Abu Dhabi as its capital.

About Abu Dhabi:

A cosmopolitan society living under an umbrella of peace, hospitality, Productivity and honest competitiveness. To find more about Abu Dhabi go to: Abu Dhabi Government Portal

About HAAD:

The Health System of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is comprehensive; encompassing the full spectrum of health services and is accessible to all residents of Abu Dhabi. The system is driven towards excellence through continuous improvement, and monitored for achievement of targets. Providers of health services are independent, predominately private and follow highest international quality standards; the system is financed through mandatory health insurance. The Health Authority Abu Dhabi is responsible for ensuring excellent quality healthcare for the people of the Emirate.
It defines the strategy for the health system, monitors and analyses the heath status of the population and performance of the system, shapes the regulatory framework for the health inspects against regulation and enforces standards, encourages adoption of world-class quality & performance targets by all providers of healthcare services, plans capacities and service levels, drives programmers to improve societal health defines minimum standards for health service providers and health professionals, and regulates scope of services and premiums & reimbursement rates of providers and payers.

About Our Hospitals:

To translate the reliable excellence in Health careinto reality, Abu Dhabi has attracted experience from all parts of the world east and west.
Our hospitals deliver world class healthcare, locally, by partnering with internationally recognized healthcare leaders. Our partners include Johns Hopkins Medicine, Cleveland clinic, Bumrungrad international, Vamed and Vienna Medical University.
Quite a number of our hospitals both public and private, have obtained JCI accreditation. For details access: JCI-Accredited-Organizations

For more information about hospital healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi access SEHA website


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