Drink water before work each day.
Drink at least 2 litters of water every 2-3 hours.
Check you urine color. It should be pale yellow.
Add a little salt to your meals.
In hot weather, take regular breaks.
Get Plenty of sleep at Night.
Eat fruits and vegetables every day.
When unwell, tell your supervisor.
Leaflets, Posters and Brochures
HAAD Safety in HEAT Programme
The Health Authority-Abu Dhabi in association with the Abu Dhabi Environment, Health and Safety Management System and the Abu Dhabi EHS Centre and sector regulatory authorities has undertaken to reduce and prevent cases of heat related illness in the workplace with a very successful programme that was launched in May 2009. The programme has been running for 4 years and has had great success in reaching worksites and workers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and elsewhere. The programme materials have been redesigned for the 5th anniversary year and are available free of charge upon registration.read more
Program Statistics
All workers and supervisors should be familiar with common symptoms of heat illness and the required action to be taken. read more
Hydration Maintenance

Hydration (maintaining correct levels of body fluids) is the MOST IMPORTANT personal factor for protection against heat illness. read more

Control of Heat Stress
Heat exposure and heat stroke can be fatal if proper controls are not implemented. Employers have a legal responsibility to protect the health of their workers. read more
Thermal Work Limit
The Thermal Work Limit (TWL), which has been validated for gulf conditions, is the heat stress index that has been adopted by HAAD to enable safe management of work in heat... read more