Poison and Drug Information Center (PDIC)

Preventing accidental poisonings is our goal, but when poisonings occur, prompt and appropriate treatment can save lives
The PDIC Provides a Poison Help hotline throughout the entire U.A.E. The call is free and confidential. The PDIC can be reached at the national toll - free number (800 424) from 7:00 am- 3:00 pm, Sunday – Thursday.
The Poison Help hotline provides immediate access to poison exposure management instructions, information on potential poisons and ways to keep the family safe. The PDIC newly designed website will provide a wide range of brochures and flyers about poison prevention, General information on safe use of medicines, traditional and herbal medicine, antibiotic use..etc
Who should call the PDIC?
The PDIC serves and takes calls from the general public and health care professionals. We accept calls from schools, workplaces, hospitals, and other health care providers.
Who answers your call?
Calls are answered by pharmacists and a physician who are all specialized in dug information, poison control and management.
When do you need to call the PDIC?
The PDIC provides assistance to anybody who has been exposed to a poison or has concern about medications.
Getting to the PDIC
The PDIC welcomes general questions and inquiries from the public regarding drug information and poisoning-related topic. Callers needing drug and poisoning information or treatment recommendations should call the PDIC at:
National Toll Free No.
Fax : 02 – 4443125
Mail Address :
P.O.Box 5674
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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