Drink water before work each day.
Drink at least 2 litters of water every 2-3 hours.
Check you urine color. It should be pale yellow.
Add a little salt to your meals.
In hot weather, take regular breaks.
Get Plenty of sleep at Night.
Eat fruits and vegetables every day.
When unwell, tell your supervisor.
Leaflets, Posters and Brochures
HAAD Safety in HEAT Programme
The Health Authority – Abu Dhabi has undertaken to reduce and prevent cases of heat related illness in the workplace with a very successful programme that was launched in May 2009. The programme has been implemented on worksites throughout the Emirate and the UAE and elsewhere.
The safety in heat programme offers free awareness and educational materials to assist employers, managers and supervisors in implementing control measures in workplaces where workers are exposed to heat in summer.

Heat illness can be avoided if proper precautions are taken and workers are educated in identifying the signs of heat illness and the precautions to take to control and prevent it. Employers are encouraged to download the resources and implement the Safety in Heat programme at your worksites to assist you in raising awareness of the dangers of heat exposure amongst workers and what to do to avoid heat illness.

Any person whether a business owner, employer, supervisor or health and safety professional who is responsible for the health and safety of employees at work can decide on the best way to implement the resources prepared for the safety in heat programme at their worksite to raise awareness about the dangers of heat exposure and the precautions to be taken to prevent heat illness. This can range from placing posters in the workplace, distributing pamphlets to workers and supervisors, using the materials for toolbox talks or training or showing the training videos to workers before they start work in the heat each summer.