Drink water before work each day.
Drink at least 2 litters of water every 2-3 hours.
Check you urine color. It should be pale yellow.
Add a little salt to your meals.
In hot weather, take regular breaks.
Get Plenty of sleep at Night.
Eat fruits and vegetables every day.
When unwell, tell your supervisor.
Leaflets, Posters and Brochures

Recommended/Required Medical Action in Case of Heat Illness

All workers and supervisors should be familiar with common symptoms of heat illness and the required action to be taken. 


Recommended Action

Heat rash

  • Go to medical center/clinic when convenient







  • Move to a cool area
  • Drink fluids (Electrolyte drink or water)
  • Report to medical center if symptoms don’t improve within one hour
  • In case of cramps rest and cool down, practice gentle, range-of-motion stretching and gentle massage of the affected muscle group and drink electrolyte drink or juices. Seek medical attention if the cramps don't go away in one hour


Inability to concentrate , lack of coordination, disorientation, confusion

Fast heart rate or breathing

Feeling of “burning up”

Fainting or collapse

Immediate Action / First Aid:

  • If fever greater than 39°C, fainting, confusion or seizures occur (heat exhaustion) or signs and symptoms of heat stroke present call for medical emergency assistance
  • If possible move/remove person to a cool, shady or air-conditioned area
  • Sit or lie person down, elevate legs slightly if they have fainted
  • Loosen the person's clothing.
  • Give sips of cool (not ice cold) water or electrolyte drink when conscious to be drunk slowly
  • Cool the person down by spraying or sponging cool water on them, place a cold towel on the head, or direct air to them with a fan or newspaper (if air temperature is <35 °C). Do not throw ice or ice cold (chilled) water on them.
  • If there is no quick recovery, place them in the “recovery” position and use the ABC procedure (Airway, Breathing & Circulation)
  • Monitor the person carefully and wait with them for assistance to arrive