About Us

The CME/CPD section was created in 2002, Since then a strict Accreditation system that meets international standards was developed and thousands of educational programs and activities were held every year in the HAAD auditorium and in Abu Dhabi facilities as well as many Continuing Educational programs for Physicians, dentist, Nurses (CNE), Pharmacists (CPE), dieticians, and allied health care providers were established. The system was distinctive that it is sought by many organizations and societies in the other emirates, the GCC and some of the Middle East countries as well as Pakistan, India and Iran. It also attracted the admiration of international CME organizations such as the American Council of Continuous medical education providers, the Australian and the German accreditation societies. Until recently the section was also looking after the development of postgraduates program where manuals and policies for medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing, dietetics and med lab internship programs were developed and revised. Series of workshop were conducted in collaboration with the UAE Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons UK, to educate the educators involved in training and continuing education. Criteria and guidelines for accreditation of teaching hospitals were set to regulate training of interns and residents in the health settings. New policies were also designed for scholarship programs and various residency programs.

CME/CPD Mission

Provide high quality CME/CPD programs adopting international standards to ensure positive impact on the delivery of health care service.

CME/CPD Vision

To be one of the top world organizations that deliver high quality international standards in Continuing Medical Education hence ensuring a state-of-the-art health care practice with ultimate goal of improving the health status of residents of Abu Dhabi Emirate and beyond.


Serve as the accrediting body for all CME/CPD activities provided by medical education institutions and societies in the region.

Develop criteria for measuring the effectiveness of continuing medical education and evaluate the educational activities to assure compliance with these standards and the continuum of medical education.

Review and assess developments of health professional’s education and its relationship to supporting quality patient care.

Enforce the concept of continuing professional self development in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi.

Offer opportunities to enrich and extend the knowledge of all Health professionals and ensure their engagement in high quality scientific knowledge.

Develop a self-regulated system for CME accreditation process responsive to changes in medical education and the health care delivery system.

Promote cooperation between the facilities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi including remote regions to ensure education is reaching every health professional.