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Step "1"- Complete the CME/CPD Accreditation Application Form.

Please click here to complete the CME/CPD Accreditation Forms.

Please be informed that submission of PowerPoint Presentation Slides are Mandatory as part of HAAD accreditation process

  • The completed application must be received by HAAD at least 3 weeks prior to the event, in order to allow processing time. All questions must be answered in detail.
  • Please ensure that you provide several means of contacting you: phone, fax, e-mail, mobile
  • Please note (as per Criteria #11 on the form) that a sponsor’s products may not be mentioned on any advertising.
  • For learning objectives section, the objectives should be specific and measurable, behaviourable verbs are to be utilized. General verbs such as “understand, appreciate, know, become, learn” should not be used.  For the purposes of the majority of our CME/CPD events, participants would be evaluated in 1 or 2 major domains: cognitive (thinking) and psychomotor (doing).

Appropriate verbs to use for cognitive goals: define, diagnose, discuss, evaluate, compare, demonstrate, describe, explain, interpret, differentiate, apply, summarize, formulate, contrast, assess, design

Appropriate verbs to use for psychomotor goals: display, manipulate, arrange, perform, create, operate, adapt, write

Here are a few examples of learning objectives related to various CME/CPD events:

Upon completion of this educational activity, Participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate hip and knee injuries, and design an appropriate treatment plan for rehabilitation, utilizing information from new evidence-based medicine
  • Describe the medicinal use of honey from ancient to modern times
  • Interpret thoracic x-rays utilizing a systematic approach
  • Demonstrate an ability to intubate an airway mannequin, while maintaining inline immobilization
  • Identify the major causes of hypertension and formulate an appropriate treatment plan for a case scenario

At least “3 learning objectives” should be written for each CME/CPD event and included in the accreditation application form.

Step "2"-Prepare an evaluation form for use by the participants

Design an evaluation form which will be completed by the participants. It is important to include 2 references to learning objectives on the evaluation form, such as: “Program objectives were well defined” and “Program objectives were met.” Both of these points must be evaluated by the participants.

As an alternative, a sample evaluation form is available on this website, under CME/CPD Forms. Please adapt this sample form for your use by adding your hospital’s letterhead (logo) and the relevant information for the scheduled event. If your facility already has an evaluation form in use, it may be forwarded to the CME/CPD Section at HAAD along with the application form, for review.

Step "3"-Develop a system for maintaining a record of attendance for participants

All physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare professionals in HAAD facilities will be required to maintain a personal record of their CME/CPD. Log sheets specifically for this purpose have been included in the individual portfolios distributed to physicians.

In your role as the CME/CPD organizer for this event, it is mandatory for a record of attendance to be provided for each participant. This may be accomplished in one of several ways:

  1. For one-time events, a certificate of attendance stating accredited number of CME hours is distributed at the conclusion of the event. Registration or “sign-in” sheets, are useful as a permanent attendance record, to be filed by the organizer for future reference. If the event is held at the HAAD auditorium, we will be responsible for producing and issuing the certificates, or other proof of attendance.
  2. For ongoing departmental events, a permanent record (either a manual system or spreadsheet application) for each physician must be maintained. In lieu of distributing individual certificates to each participant following ongoing weekly or monthly programs, a summary of events attended could be dispersed on an annual or semi-annual basis. This permanent record is invaluable for individuals’ portfolios, which will serve useful during performance appraisals.
  3. If your facility already has an attendance tracking system in place, this will suffice for one-time only events, in addition to ongoing programs.

If an attendance certificate is issued, it must contain the following information:

  • Event title, date, venue
  • Logo or letterhead of host sponsor (hospital)
  • Statement of Attendance (“This will confirm that Dr._____________ attended the CME Program ______________held on ________________ at _____________________________________ )
  • Information on number of accredited hours awarded (“Accredited by Health Authority – Abu Dhabi for ________CME hours”) and unique ID number for this event. *

* This information will be provided to you after a thorough review of your documents has been completed. A sample attendance certificate must be forwarded to CME/CPD section at HAAD, in addition to the application and evaluation forms.

Styep"4"-Prepare a program agenda for submission to CME/CPD section (HAAD) if the event is longer than 2 hours

If you are requesting accreditation for ongoing weekly or monthly meetings (e.g. journal club, departmental rounds etc.), obviously the topic will vary each time. However, the time and format should remain unchanged.

If you are requesting accreditation for a seminar, conference or symposium, please include the program agenda in the package that is submitted to HAAD, to allow us to determine the number of minutes/hours involved. (There is no credit given for breaks.)  

Step"5"- Prepare the following documents prior to applying for HAAD accreditation
  • Completed application form (as per Step One)
  • Sample evaluation form (as per Step Two)
  • Sample certificate of attendance (as per Step Three)
  • Program agenda (if applicable – as per Step Four)
  • Brief CVs for all the faculty of speakers
  • Copy of the flyer or the invitation
  • Copy of the attendance record
  • The presentation slides, the abstracts and the handouts
  • Letter of agreement with the sponsoring company (if applicable)
  • Faculty Disclosure Form (if applicable)

Following a review of this information, you will be notified in writing of the number of CME hours for which you have been accredited. Additionally, you will be assigned a unique ID number, which relates to this event. The number of accredited CME hours and the ID number should appear on the sign-in sheets/attendance certificates, and on all correspondence with the CME/CPD Section at HAAD.