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Verification of CME/CPD Documents Required for License Renewal

The Continuing Education (CE) requirements for each individual’s respective profession will need to be fulfilled when “re-validating” the license according to whatever cycle (one or two year cycle) is established by HAAD for licensing of that profession

Participants should maintain all documentation related to CME/CPD participation in a portfolio or in other suitable format. Maintenance of documentation is the responsibility of the individual practitioner. The Certificates of Attendance should clearly state the number of CME credit hours that may be claimed and the CME category (Category 1 or 2) it should also indicate the name of the accrediting body and Accreditation ID Number. The certificates are to be obtained from the organizers of the respective CME/CPD activities 

Documentation of participation in CME/CPD activities is essential because:
The CME/CPD section at HAAD will request health professionals to scan and submit copies of all the CME/CPD certificates and other relevant documentation when it undertakes online verification of CME/CPD participation. CME/CPD record for verification should be sent Online Only. Hard copies will not be accepted (Category 1 and Category 2 should be submitted separately)