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The Medical Office Europe, in Germany (Munich), Czech Republic (Prague), Austria (Salzburg), Turkey (Istanbul), France (Paris), Switzerland (Zurich and Genolier), Spain (Barcelona) and Belgium (Brussels) offers health services in hospitals and doctors' practices for the patients, who are sent to the Federal Republic of Germany and the abovementioned other European countries for medical treatment by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi.

The Medical Office Europe in Munich has the following departments:

Medical Department:
This consists of a doctor and medical case coordinators, who aim at the best medical treatment for the respective patient, according to the medical reports, which are sent from the UAE. Appointments are scheduled and the patients are cared for around the clock, from the time of their arrival until their departure back to the Emirates. Delivery of medication and directions for use are also supervised by the case coordinators of the Medical Department. It is the duty of the translation section to translate the medical reports from German into English.

Accounting Department:
Duty of the Accounting Department is to pay the daily allowances for the patients and their escorts by check on a weekly basis and to pay the bills to different doctors and hospitals.
Staff Department:
This department is, among other duties, responsible for the employment of staff required for the Medical Office Europe, depending on the number of patients, who are treated in Europe.

Service Department:
This encompasses the interpreters' department, the drivers' services and ticketing section, which is responsible for booking of the return flights; not to be forgotten, the visa section, which takes care of the visa extensions for the patients. For each doctor's appointment, the patient is provided with a car and an interpreter. Immediately on arrival of the patient and his escorts, he is welcomed by a driver at the airport, driven to his hotel and accommodated there. 

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Germany Munich +4915772778888
Germany Berlin +4930516516
Spain Barcelona +34633033075
Belgium Brussels +3226406000
Austria Vienna +436643201662
Switzerland Byrne +41795551111
Switzerland Geneva +41794225283
France Paris +33699299990
Sweden Stockholm +46729868303
Italy Rome +390636306100



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