Electronic Sick Leave attestation FAQs
  1. Is doctors’ Stamp and signature are mandatory on the print out of the e sick leave certificates?
    Yes, based on HAAD’s laws and the Medical Responsibility stipulated in the Federal law No. 10 of Year 2008, Doctor’s stamp and signature are mandatory.
  2. What is the procedure of the long term e-sick leave attestation?
    Long term e-sick leave attestation procedure as following:-
    1. The electronic system displays the lower period of the sick leave
    2. The physician has to decide the appropriate sick leave period based on the case concerned, and supportive clinical evidence.
    3. Upon completion of online submission, the system displays a message that the e-sick leave is under review.
    4. Physician prints the e-sick leave attestation request and provide to patient. This request is issued to inform the concerned HR section that the sick leave is subject to review and attestation by HAAD Medical Committee.
    5. Sick leaves shall be reviewed by Medical Committee, whose members are expert consultant professionals in various specialties. Please note that; the Medical Committee members reserve the right to reduce the granted sick leave period.
    6. Upon completion of the Medical Committee decision, the treating physician receives notification concerning the sick leave status (approved or rejected, or requires further clarifications)
    7. The patient will receive SMS informing him/her to collect the attested e- sick leave from the concerned hospital or clinic.
    8. The e- sick leave will be rejected if it does not match with the Medical Committee Section regulations and standard.
  3. What is the period required for the short term e- sick leave attestation (Sick leaves from 1- 7 days)?
    Short term e- sick leave certificates are auto approved through the e sick leave system; hence, no need for the Medical Committee approval. However, if the cumulative periods of the short term sick leaves exceed 21 days per annum for the same patient; any new short term e-sick leave certificate shall be referred to HAAD Medical Committee for attestation.
  4. What is the period required for the long term e- sick leave attestation (Sick leaves more than 7 days)?
    The period required for long term sick leave attestation is around 7 days or less; Provided that the sick Leave attestation request shall be given to patients in order to inform the concerned Human Resources department that he/she was granted a sick leave and it is subject for review and attestation by HAAD Medical Committee.
  5. Can General Practitioner physicians issue long term sick leaves (more than 7 days) for all communicable and infectious diseases?
    Yes, General practitioner acting within the area of expertise, scope of practice and privileges is authorized to issue a sick leave more than seven days for few known cases e.g., chicken pox and hepatitis A. (Evidence that the case under consideration warrants long term sick leave standard which is based on international guidelines and approved by the Medical Committee; otherwise the transactions should be subject to the Medical committee standard.
  6. Is it possible to register more than one diagnosis rather than a single diagnosis?
    Yes, but health care professionals should confine to principal diagnosis. The other diagnoses should be mentioned in the remarks area.
    HCPs can attach a detailed Medical report, it must include the significant information that support the period of sick leave, particularly if the patient's case necessitates a greater period of sick leave more than that specified in HAAD Evidence Based Sick Leave Period Standard.
  7. Can the attested sick leave certificate be printed without diagnosis?
    Sick leave certificate should be printed with diagnosis in most of the cases with the exception of few diseases which shouldn’t be mentioned from ethical professional perspective to ensure Patient’s information’s security such as but not limited to: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Hysterectomy, mastectomy and resection of the prostate. However physician will have two options for printing; Print with diagnosis and print without diagnoses. Hence, the physician can choose the option print without diagnoses as per patient's request.
    Except for the following cases:
    1. Diseases that affect the work performance e.g. Drivers who are suffering from weak vision;
    2. Medical reports requested by the employer e.g. fitness for work.
    3. Authorities' official requests.
      However, Human Resources Departments have the right to request patient’s diagnoses to ensure employees’ and work process safety.
      The Medical Committee members shall view all the sick leave information through the e-sick leave attestation system whether the e- sick leave printed with or without diagnoses.
  8. What is the procedure of issuing the e- sick leave if the diagnosis is not available in HAAD Evidence Based e Sick Leave Period Standard?
    If the diagnosis is not available in Health Authority Evidence based sick leave period standard, the physicians have to choose the word other; provided that the diagnosis should be mentioned at the remarks area or to attach a detailed medical report when required.
  9. Can the approved e- sick leave be sent directly to the employer?
    No, according to HAADs’ approved regulations the employee should collect the signed and stamped sick leave certificate from the treating physician. The concerned employee should submit the attested e- sick leave certificate to the Human Resources department directly without delay.
  10. Is the admission period calculated as a sick leave?
    Yes, the admission period is calculated as a sick leave, this is in addition to the period of sick leave granted to the patient after discharge from the hospital.
  11. Is it possible to issue and send the sick leave electronically to the Medical Committee before the date of discharge from the hospital?
    According to the approved Medical Committee rules and regulations, the sick leave certificate should be issued on the date of discharge from the hospital.
  12. Can the system provide HCPs with patients’ sick leaves that were issued from other facilities?
    This capability cannot be provided to the facilities due to confidentiality and security issues. However, this capability is granted to Medical Committee members and the concerned Medical Committee employees to implement the audit plan ensure compliance with the approved sick leave regulations & standard and to verify any violations that may happen during electronic sick leave attestation.
  13. Can a physician issue sick leaves manually?
    Yes, Physician can issue manual sick leave certificates in case of system errors only; subject that, the date and time of the system error should be mentioned clearly on the manual sick leave certificate. In addition, the sick leave should be signed by the concerned doctor and the Medical Director. As well as it should be stamped by the concerned doctor and hospital stamps.
    The concerned Doctor should attach a print screen of the e sick leave system error along with the manual sick leave. If the print screen of the system error is not available, the request shall be rejected.
    Manual sick leaves that fulfill the above condition shall be stamped by DOH stamp. 
  14. Can a physician issue backdated sick leave, if the patient came with a diarrhea or bad throat pain in the previous day?
    Based on HAADs approved rules and regulations, physicians are not allowed to issue back dated sick leaves.
  15. Can physicians issue sick leave starting from tomorrow’s date if the patient has completed a full day work before the consultation?
    Yes, the patient can be granted sick leave starting from the second day of consultation, if the doctor’s consultation conducted in the evening after working hours.
  16. Can physicians issue a sick leave for one day if the patient attended the hospital for two hours?
    Physician can issue an acknowledgment certificate stating that, the patient has attended the hospital for treatment or investigations (e.g. time of hospital attendance and time he/she left the hospital should be registered; or according to the period needed for investigation.
    However, if the investigation requires hospital stay for long time or if the patient came from remote area, he/she may be granted one day sick leave.
  17. Can obstetric & gynecologist grant sick leave for pregnant women suffering from tiredness?
    No, but the pregnant lady should be granted the appropriate period of sick leave, if she is suffering from any illness or symptoms that may affect her health condition or her fetus health. Provided that the physician should mention the required justification for the sick leave period or attach any supporting documents e.g. significant investigation results otherwise the sick leave period shall be reduced or rejected
  18. Is the e -sick leave attestation mandatory?
    Health authority-Abu Dhabi announced that the e- sick leave attestation system became mandatory effective from the first of March 2012. Therefore, all health care facilities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi must issue both short and long term sick leaves through the electronic system. In case of repeated noncompliance with the use of the e- sick leave system, the concerned doctor shall be subject to interrogation.
  19. Is it mandatory to use the e- sick leave system for students’ sick leaves?
    Yes, since the electronic sick leave attestation system will provide Health Authority Abu Dhabi with accurate, timely and comprehensive information that will help to inform future strategies to improve healthcare services in line with Abu Dhabi Government wise vision.
  20. Can e-sick leave system be used to issue attendant leave?
    No, attendant leaves are not issued through e-sick leave system. However, the request of attendant sick leave attestation can be submitted manually to the medical committee whereas the responsibility of the Medical Committees in this case is solely to determine if the patient deserves an attendant or not only. Other issues shall be determined by the employers after the Medical Committee approval.
  21. How long it will take, if the HCP forgot the password and clicked on the “forgot your password” icon?
    The HCP should click on the “forgot your password” icon, hence the password will be sent immediately to his/her email.
  22. What are the usual procedures adapted by HAAD in case of doctor violation or misuse of the e-sick leave system?
    The e-sick leave system is continuously and randomly monitored to control all users’ breach. Hence, if the physician committed any violation or misuse, the following corrective actions shall be taken:
    1. The Medical Committee Section Head shall send an e mail to the concerned doctor to inform about the nature of the reported violation and to request complete adherence to HAAD’S rules and regulations.
    2. In case of continuous e-sick leave system violation the doctor shall be called for official meeting where his statement will be recoded in a minutes of meeting.
    3. The meeting minutes shall be signed by the respective Doctor.
    4. Finally, in case of persistent breaches and non-adherence to HAAD rules; a letter will be addressed to Clinical Review and Investigation Section along with the minutes of meeting and a copy of the sick leave records issued by the concerned Doctor to take the required disciplinary action.
  23. Are the Doctors working in more than one facility or seconded to work in one hospital for a limited time required to have different usernames to access the e-sick leave system in each hospital?
    Yes, Doctors working in various facilities or seconded to work in any facility for a limited time should have a unique username relevant to each facility. The unique username shall ensure proper auditing of the e-sick leave system
  24. What are the measures taken by HAAD in case of recorded fraud of e-sick leave certificate?
    1. If the incident is reported by the employer, Human resources department has to send an official request along with the concerned employee’s UAE ID card to HAAD Medical Committee to verify the Authenticity of the certificate.
    2. Proper communication will be conducted between the Medical committee team and the concerned doctor.
    3. The Medical Committee Section shall review the respective employee sick leave records on the e sick leave system.
    4. A response letter with the final outcomes shall be sent to the Employer to take the proper action.
    5. Fraud certificates discovered by Medical Committee Section are directed to HAAD Legal department to take the proper legal action.
  25. How can HCPs register on the e sick leave system in order to issue sick leave?
    For registration with the e-sick leave system, please follow the below link and submit the request.
  26. How much the fees of the e- sick leave certificate attestation?
    The attestation of the e- sick leave certificate is free of charge.
    For clarification about e-sick leaves or electronic sick leave attestation please call toll free No.: 800 555.
    For more information about electronic sick leave attestation please visit the following electronic address: www.haad.ae


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