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JAWDA Certification for Healthcare Providers
Notice on Clinical Coding Audits as of 25 August 2016
Coding Manual
Coding Audit from 2014 Sample
Coding re-Audit from 2014 Sample
Coding Arbitration Opinions 
Coding Arbitration Process & Timing
Coding Arbitration Form
ICD10 Transition

Reporting Requirements 

Routine Reporting
HS004-Diabetes Enforcement
HS006-KEH Reporting 
HS007-Clinical Signs
HS008-KEH Upload Confirmation

Relevant Rules and Regulations

Periodical No.04 - Validity of healthcare Licenses as a Precondition for completeness of Claims
US/05/18 - Mandatory Submission of Unified Number to Person Register
DG/62/17 - Value Added Tax
HRD/28/17 - New Drug Coding System
DG/17/17 - Real-time submission of electronic claims
DG/38/16 - URL of Shafafiya Portal
DG 44/15 - Transition of International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Clinical Modification ICD-10 CM diagnosis Codes
DG 10/15 - Information Security Platform for Shafafiya Portal
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