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Quality Reform in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
14 August 2017

Abu Dhabi – August 14, 2017: The Health Authority - Abu Dhabi (HAAD), the regulator of the healthcare sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, is implementing the next stage of reform related to significant improvement in quality of healthcare provision.

Professor Maha Barakat, Director General at HAAD, stated: "Healthcare facilities are participating in something extraordinary, being part of the Abu Dhabi family that will be putting Abu Dhabi as a world leader in quality improvement. The objective metrics used to define quality in the sector are based on international best-practice, and the system will be under constant supervision and evolution to be at the forefront of healthcare quality innovation. We welcome the involvement of stakeholders as partners in this evolution, where patients and quality come first".

In this month, as per previous communication from HAAD, the Jawda Quality program will be integrated to payment (“Pay-for-Quality”), and those healthcare facilities scoring the lowest in the quality ranking will be strongly incentivized to correct their deficiencies, and will receive specific quality improvement advice from HAAD. Their remuneration may be subject to a reduction related to the quality score. The aim of this first-in-kind program in the region is to provide positive reinforcement to good-quality healthcare providers, while discouraging poor performance. Outcomes can be queried through HAAD’s dedicated appeal mechanism.

Professor Maha added: "One of the features that makes this program unique, is that quality scores will be dynamic and change from month-to-month related to each month’s performance – so healthcare providers who promptly correct deficiencies will improve their quality score in the subsequent month". As this system develops, HAAD continues to welcome full engagement from all parties.

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