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The Department of Health Becomes Region's First Entity to Develop an Artificial Intelligence Policy in the Healthcare Sector
28 May 2018

Abu Dhabi – May 28, 2018: Recognizing the central role Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays and the benefits to be gained from its use in healthcare, the Department of Health, the regulator of healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi, published its policy on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare sector of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. With this policy, the Department of Health Abu Dhabi becomes the region's first entity to develop an artificial intelligence policy in the healthcare sector.

This policy reflects DOH support and encouragement of the development, use and adoption of customized AI technologies and software for healthcare in Abu Dhabi, while minimizing any potential risks to patient safety.

Artificial Intelligence is understood as the mimicking of human thought and cognitive processes to solve complex problems automatically.
Mr. Mohamed Hamad Al Hameli, Acting Undersecretary of Department of Health Abu Dhabi said: “The true path to the development of the Emirate’s healthcare systems and services is through artificial intelligence. With the policy on the use of artificial intelligence, we will not only provide the best of quality healthcare services to our people by using the best international practices and technologies, but will cement Abu Dhabi standing on the global artificial intelligence map towards achieving the Emirate’s vision for artificial intelligence in healthcare.”

Al Hameli added: “Healthcare is one of the sectors with most potential for applied AI, where it can play a central role in improving evidence-based quality of care, efficiency, effectiveness, safety, access and delivery of healthcare services, and all types of population and patient research.”

DoH Artificial Intelligence Policy applies to all DOH-licensed healthcare providers, Abu Dhabi based pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare insurers, licensed healthcare researchers involved in human subject research as well as every local, national and locally based international end-user that utilizes Abu Dhabi based population or patient clinical and non-clinical data in AI endeavors, directly or indirectly, or that wishes to use artificial intelligence in the course of their healthcare related endeavors.

More details can be found in the text of the Policy:\AI


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