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Rules of Premium Services in the Private Health Sector
30 May 2018

Abu Dhabi – May 30, 2018: Pursuant to Circular No. US13/18 issued on 13th May 2018, the Department of Health has announced that private health facilities providing optional non-therapeutic premium services may collect an amount of 10% of the total treatment cost to be paid by the patient or his relatives. Prior to delivering premium services, providers must obtain the patient’s written consent and clearly explain list of services and the cost involved. In case of minors, incompetent/ incapacitated patient, written consent must be obtained from his/her relatives to the fourth degree.

This is part of the endeavours to encourage the private health sector to provide patients with non-therapeutic premium services without increasing the cost of the approved therapeutic services.

DoH further emphasized that private healthcare facilities providing non-therapeutic premium services should not in any form include the cost of premium services in the health insurance claims.

Private healthcare services are required to maintain a system for keeping records of premium services delivered to patients for a period not less than the period of keeping medical records of such patients.
More details can be found in the circular:\HFCirculars


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