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The Department of Health Draws a Road Map for Positioning Abu Dhabi in AI Application in Healthcare Sector
13 June 2018

Abu Dhabi – June 13, 2018: The Innovation and Artificial Intelligence strategy workshop organized by the Department of Health, the regulator of healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi in cooperation with “IBM” was aimed at gathering the healthcare sector to draw a road map for adopting AI in the Emirate’s healthcare sector. It identifies strategic objectives, and discusses how to position Abu Dhabi as an innovation hub in health and to lead the health sector in application of Artificial Intelligence.

H.E Sheikh Abdulla Al Hamed, Chairman of Department of Health Abu Dhabi said: “Under the UAE leadership we’ve learned that impossible doesn’t exist, and with determination and hard work we can make the impossible possible, we take a unique step with the support of “IBM” in order to drive quality and easy access to healthcare services provided to our people and to improve healthcare efficiency by adopting innovation and implementing artificial intelligence in the Emirate’s healthcare sector, we hope that the workshop outcomes will serve as a basis to positioning Abu Dhabi as a leader in innovation and AI application in Healthcare not just locally but globally.”

The workshop discussed the strategic objectives that help to drive the application of AI in the Emirate’s healthcare sector that include building predictive analytics capabilities to enable evidence based decision making, establishing the Abu Dhabi Health Observatory to monitor the health status of the community, artificial Intelligence in patient treatment to support improved diagnostics, exchange of patient’s health information to improve treatment and optimize cost, health education and monitoring to improve the efficiency of the healthcare system, telehealth to improve diagnosis in healthcare facilities and to position Abu Dhabi as an innovation hub in health.

The workshop spotted light on enabling of AI application in the Health sector of Abu Dhabi by building partnerships to innovate the application of Artificial Intelligence in the health sector, governance and monitoring, policies and regulations, training and education, healthcare information and develop a comprehensive research network in Abu Dhabi.


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