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DoH Introduces New Mechanism of Dispensing Generic Medicines
31 July 2018

Abu Dhabi – July 31, 2018: The Department of Health, the regulator of healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi, has introduced a new mechanism to mandate dispensing of generic medicines, those have the same drug efficacy and safety, for patients as prescribed by their doctors and are covered by Health Insurance.

DoH has developed reference reimbursement prices, this reference price expands the patient’s use choice of medicines in which patients can choose between brand name or generic medicine where they will get their choice by paying the difference in price between the reference price and the price of selected medicine Brand or Generic . Single source medicines and narrow therapeutic window medicines shall be excluded from the DoH’s formulary list.

The new mechanism that will come into effect starting September 1, 2018 is aimed at increasing consumer access to efficient medicines and medical innovation in the Emirate by encouraging the use of generic medications, as well as opening new prospects for broadening local pharmaceutical industry horizons.

More details can be found in the circular:\HFCirculars


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