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Department of Health Sets New Requirements for Emergency Divisions in Abu Dhabi
01 August 2018
  • In line with Quality and Safety standards, Emergency Departments in General Hospitals across public and private sectors will be divided into two distinct divisions
  • The new standard facilitates patient access to the appropriate emergency unit that addresses their medical needs
  • Several healthcare facilities across Abu Dhabi have since been provided the Emergency Department license following their compliance to DoH’s licensing requirements

Abu Dhabi – August 01, 2018: The Department of Health - Abu Dhabi (DoH), the regulator of the healthcare sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, has announced new standard requirements for Emergency Departments in General Hospitals across public and private healthcare providers.
According to the new standard, emergency divisions will be restructured into two distinct departments: Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centres. The standard stipulates specific service requirements and criteria that all public and private General Hospitals in Abu Dhabi will be required to fulfill in order to obtain licensing for their Emergency Departments.

The new reforms are part of DoH’s ongoing efforts to elevate patient experience and facilitate access to appropriate emergency care unit in line with highest standards of quality and safety.

Commenting on the new standard, Neil Clark the Acting Director of Investment and Capacity Management Division said: “DoH remains committed to improving the quality of healthcare services in Abu Dhabi and taking patient care standards to higher levels as we continue to move further towards achieving our vision of a ‘healthier Abu Dhabi’. To that end, we revisited the Emergency Departments’ roles and services and divided them into two separate divisions, with the aim of each providing different interventions based on the severity of the patient’s illness. This new structure will provide patients with access to more better designed emergency units that meet their medical needs more efficiently and with better results.”

The Emergency Department will be responsible for providing critical care to patients with acute, life-threatening conditions. These facilities will be led by qualified emergency physicians supported by a full team of specialists in emergency resuscitation, surgery and intensive care – all of whom will be available round the clock. Urgent Care Centers will provide initial check-up, stabilization, diagnostic and referral services to patients with illnesses and minor injuries on a walk-in basis. The Urgent Care Centres will also operate round-the-clock unless alternative working hours are pre-determined by the DoH.

All new or existing hospitals that wish to obtain the Emergency Departments license, must request to include such a service under the Clinical Support Services list in the Health Facility Licensing system during the registration process. The facility will also be required to complete a Self-Declaration of Compliance form and pass the Quality Audit inspection.

General Hospitals who do not meet the Emergency Department criteria will be licensed as Urgent Care Centers.

For more information about the standard for Emergency Departments, please visit:\HFCirculars


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