Healthcare Professionals Services & Requirements

This section provides you with information on services and requirements for different healthcare professionals.

Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR)    Licensing
 This unified guideline is a developed by the Health Authority – Abu Dhabi, Ministry of Health and Dubai Health Authority. The document sets the professional qualification requirements necessary to license healthcare professionals in the UAE and transfer of license requirements across the Emirates.    All Health Professionals are required to obtain their licensure prior to practicing in any healthcare facility within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The license must be current and valid at all time during the clinical practice of the health professional.
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TANSEEQ: The Abu Dhabi Residency Program Application and Match   Examination
Welcome to TANSEEQ, the Abu Dhabi Residency Program Application and Match. Tanseeq is a comprehensive process addressing all components of medical residency application including the allocation of medical residency posts to facilities ..    Examination is very important to ensure that healthcare professionals licensed in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi are clinically competent and safe to practice in independent settings.
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Poison and Drug Information Center (PDIC)   Continuing Medical Education (CME)
 Preventing accidental poisonings is our goal, but when poisonings occur, prompt and appropriate treatment can save lives. The PDIC Provides a Poison Help hotline ....    Continuous education and professional development of health professionals are a top priority for building the future and ensuring reliable health care for our community.
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 Drug and medical Products Services   Clinical Care Pathways
   Care pathways are quality-assessed and evidence-based tools to deliver consistent, high quality care and achieve optimum outcomes for a particular condition. They have .. 
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POM / Controlled Medication List   Medical Research

  List of Registered Controlled Medicines (SCD, CD and CD Narcotics) updated on 15/5/2018

    The Medical Research Section helps to develop the Abu Dhabi Health Research Strategy, define Research Ethics policies and standards, create Research Funding / Grant
Weqaya Disease Management Programme (DMP)   Communicable Diseases Bulletin
  HAAD now requests Expressions of Interest (‘EoI’) in providing DMP in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi; the attachment contains specific questions and elicits comments on the DMP Standard which forms part of the document.     The Bulletin provides all stakeholders in the health care sector with a quarterly summary report on notified and screened infectious illnesses in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
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