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The HAAD Height Aware Programme
The Health Authority – Abu Dhabi has developed a programme of free resources for business owners, health and safety professionals and workers to raise awareness of the dangers of working at heights and the risks of injury from falling objects. The aim is to help business owners and safety professionals to implement a training and awareness programme to protect those working at heights from injury or death.

Working at heights is a common requirement for many jobs and occupations especially in the construction sector in the UAE and GCC region where construction is taking place at such a rapid rate. Working at heights, however, is also common across many others sectors, from agriculture on date farms, to oil and gas platforms, to households with the cleaning of windows or changing of light bulbs, and can even occur in the office environment. It is a common hazard that can lead to severe injuries and even fatalities. In Abu Dhabi as in many parts of the world falls from height and falling objects are the leading cause of injuries and death on worksites causing almost 50% of all fatal occupational injuries.

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Any person, whether a business owner, employer, supervisor or health and safety professional, who is responsible for the health and safety of employees at work can decide on the best way to implement the resources prepared for the ‘Height Aware’ programme at their worksite to raise awareness about the dangers of working at heights and the precautions to be taken to prevent falls and falling objects. This can range from placing posters in the workplace, distributing pamphlets to workers and supervisors, using the materials for toolbox talks or training or showing the training videos to workers before they start work at heights.

What is ‘Working at Heights’?
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Risks of Working at Heights
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Preventing the Risks of Working at Heights
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