CommonTypes Schema
ActivityNet Simple Type


The net charges billed by the provider to the Payer for this Activity. For PriorRequests this is the estimated amount requested, not the amount billed. Note | Some activities will be charged as a line item in a Claim, such as a prescription. Other activities are not charged in their own right. For instance, in a DRG payment system, individual procedures associated with an Encounter may not be charged, but the overall Encounter is charged as a DRG-Activity. Example | If ActivityType is 9, ActivityCode is 311, ActivityQuantity is 1, ActivityNet might be AED 8250.00 Example | If ActivityType is 1, ActivityCode is 309.3, ActivityQuantity is 1, ActivityNet might be 0, if this procedures is claimed as a DRG. Note | For non-paying, non-insured patients, where a pro-forma invoice is created, this should be the gross amount that would have been charged.



restriction of float