Cancer Control Plan

The Department of Health (DoH) works with public, private and community partners to create and implement strategies to help people in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi  who live with, through, and beyond cancer.   DoH Cancer Control Plan aims at reducing the risk, incidence, and deaths from cancer, as well as enhancing the quality of life for cancer survivors.

The main Cancer Control Strategies are:

  • Establish  evidence based cancer prevention programs
  • Improve quality of  cancer care: screening, diagnosis , treatment and  palliative care
  • Promote Healthy living  & early detection on priority  cancers : breast, colorectal,  lung and cervical
  • Enhance Community Support services and increase access to screening services
  • Strengthen Cancer Surveillance

DoH Cancer Control plan is a comprehensive approach that addresses all aspects of cancer care:  prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment and palliative care, figure 1.

 DoH has and continue to establish a series of initiatives or programs to meet those strategies.  Below is a description of main programs . 

  • Breast Cancer Screening Program
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening programs
  • Cervical Cancer Prevention and Screening programs
  • Cancer Awareness & Education
  • Community Capacity Building (CCB) programs:
  • Abu Dhabi Central Cancer Registry
  • Cancer Screening Registries
  • Palliative Cancer Care

Cancer Prevention and Control Achievements 2007-2014