Cancer Support Groups

From the moment a woman is diagnosed with cancer, she is a survivor. Having breast cancer can be an overwhelming experience and no one should face cancer alone. Survivors need a strong support network, someone to cook for them, shop for them, listen to them, and visit the doctor's office with them. Co-survivors are family, friends, health care providers, colleagues and there are many ways co-survivors can provide effective support.

Cancer support groups can be a valuable resource for cancer patients and their families to cope with their disease. They can present information, provide comfort, teach coping skills, help reduce anxiety, and provide a place for people to share common concerns and emotional support.

A number of cancer support groups in the UAE are listed below:

Breast Friends:

Breast Friends is a cancer support group that provides psychological counseling and support to all breast cancer patients, survivors and their families, and educational programs to the community about breast cancer. The group meets on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

Location: Dubai - Emirates Towers Hotel
Contact: Dr. Houriya Kazim
Telephone Number: 04 332 7117
Email: |
Website: None

Friends of Cancer Patients:

 Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP), is a charitable, volunteer-based foundation established in 1999, operating as a specialized entity under the umbrella of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah. As a charitable organization FOCP has been able to provide financial and emotional support to over 700 patients across the UAE. FOCP is committed to all residents of the UAE without discrimination. The charity is here, first and foremost to provide practical, financial, moral, educational and medical support for cancer patients and their loved ones.
Location: Sharjah
Contact: Dr. Sawsan Madhi | Mrs. Horia Ahmed (Beneficiary Executive)
Telephone Number: 06 506 5555 or 06 506 5542
Email: | |

Angels of Mercy

Angels of Mercy, provides psychological counseling and support to all cancer patients, survivors and their families, and educational programs to the community about cancer. The group meets once a month.
Location: Al Ain- Tawam Hospital
Contact: Sandy Jaloudi | Seham Manna | Sine MacDonald
Telephone Number: 03 707 4234
Email: | |

Pure Heart Program:

The Pure Heart Program aims to help all cancer patients get back to their normal working lives by re-entering the workforce and becoming an active member of society. The Pure Heart Program is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of supporting cancer patients in every way, as well as encouraging companies to direct their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives toward this cause.
Location: Dubai
Contact: Rana Al Khatib | Aisha Abdulla | Rania Amer
Telephone Number: Rana: 050 654 5284 | Aisha: 055 856 6337 | Rania: 050 913 1032

Bosom Buddies:

Bosom Buddies is an Abu Dhabi-based cancer support group founded in 2003 by a small group of breast cancer survivors. The main aim is to offer support to anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and to raise public awareness of breast cancer. Bosom Buddies is a dedicated multi-cultural group with members of many different nationalities. The group meets once a month.
Location: Abu Dhabi- Café Arabia (15th Street and Airport Road)
Contact: Melanie Gobert | Gehan Wheeler
Telephone Number: Melanie: 050 668 7815 | Gehan: 050 662 4716
Email: |
Website: None

Moazzara- Emirates Association For Cancer Support:

A non-profit organization of public interest (moral and financial) to support cancer patients, established by ministerial decision No. (440) for the 2013- 4/8/2013. Aiming to provide psychological, medical and financial supports to cancer patients and their relatives, and raising awareness in the community about cancer prevention and reduction of cancer consequences. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi-Al Ain city.
Location: Abu Dhabi-Al Ain City, P.O Box: 87123
Contact: Dr. Afra AlMarri
Telephone: 037804595
Fax: 037852797
Mobile: 0509044288