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SEHA and HAAD Partner to Raise Cancer Awareness

SEHA and HAAD Partner to Raise Cancer Awareness

  • Abu Dhabi residents asked to guard against top cancers - breast, colorectal, lung and cervical cancer
  • Partnership focused on screening and prevention, including the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle 

Abu Dhabi, UAE, September 29, 2013: The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company PJSC (SEHA) today announced a new partnership with Health Authority - Abu Dhabi (HAAD); the regulatory body of the healthcare sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, to raise awareness about the three most commonly occurring cancers - breast, colorectal and cervical cancer.

As partners, HAAD and SEHA will be educating the community and its healthcare providers about cancer prevention and screening, including the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

The partnership has been formed in response to an identified need based on the Abu Dhabi Emirate Public Health Priorities. The partners will launch a number of initiatives designed to raise awareness about the importance of early screening, as the earlier a cancer is detected, the higher the chance of a full recovery.

HAAD and SEHA have planned various initiatives beginning in October 2013, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which will take the message of cancer prevention, the importance of screening, and the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle to Abu Dhabi residents. Featuring targeted and informative public seminars and community awareness events, including a walkathon, fashion show and an open day, the partners will also develop and distribute educational material including brochures, booklets and posters.

Dr. Jalaa Taher, Manager of non-communicable diseases at HAAD said: “Cancer prevention and awareness is a social responsibility that every single individual in the society can help with. Joining efforts and working with SEHA on the Cancer Wave Public Awareness Program this year will boost our reach in the community and will open new channels of communication, all with the aim to spread awareness and decrease cancer deaths in the Emirate.”

Salama Al Mazrouei, Group Marketing and Communications Manager, SEHA said: “As the main national oncology centre in the UAE and a regional patient referral centre, SEHA’s Tawam Hospital, in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine, will play a significant role in awareness raising and the provision of cancer screening services. All other SEHA hospitals and clinics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi will also be running educational and screening campaigns aimed at the community and raising awareness among local healthcare professionals. We believe our partnership with HAAD will not just raise awareness but help to save lives.”

Tawam Hospital has a dedicated multi-disciplinary team consisting of highly skilled, experienced nurses, mammography technologists, radiologists, surgeons, oncologists and social workers. Its cancer services include examinations and consultations, Digital Mammography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Ultrasound and Stereotactic Guided Biopsies. The Tawam Breast Care Center, the first in the UAE, opened in November 2007. It is equipped with state-of-the-art screening and diagnostic equipment and a mobile breast screening unit to take the service out to the women in the community. Tawam Hospital is part of the SEHA Health System and is owned and operated by SEHA, which is responsible for the curative activities of all the public hospitals and clinics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

About Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD):

The Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD) is the regulatory body of the Healthcare Sector at the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and ensures excellence in Healthcare for the community by monitoring the health status of the population. HAAD defines the strategy for the health system, monitors and analyses the health status of the population and performance of the system. In addition, HAAD shapes the regulatory framework for the health system, inspects against regulations, enforce standards, and encourages adoption of world – class best practices and performance targets by all healthcare service providers in the Emirate. HAAD also drives programs to increase awareness and adoption of healthy living standards among the residents of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in addition to regulating scope of services, premiums and reimbursement rates of the health system in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. For more information visit 

For media enquiries, please contact:
Athra Alzaabi, PR Specialist, Health Authority - Abu Dhabi
Tel: +971 2 4193 619

About the SEHA Health System and the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company PJSC (SEHA):

SEHA is health in Arabic. The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company PJSC– whose marketing identity is SEHA – is an independent, public joint stock company created to develop the curative activities of the public healthcare system in Abu Dhabi. The company owns and operates all the public hospitals and clinics of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi which together make up the SEHA Health System. SEHA is committed to continuous improvement of customer care to recognized international standards and providing our customers and communities served world-class healthcare. SEHA has partnered with internationally recognized hospital managers to achieve these goals. These include Johns Hopkins Medicine International, Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Fresenius Medical Care. SEHA owns and operates 12 hospitals with 2,644 beds, more than 60 ambulatory care, family care and urgent care centers and 2 blood banks. SEHA is one of the largest integrated healthcare providers in the Middle East with more than 17,000 doctors, nurses, ancillary care and administrative personnel in its employ. Visit our website at

For media enquiries, please contact:
Salama Rashed Al Mazrooei
Corporate Marketing & Communication Manager
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